How did Josh do? This week's grades on Bills QB against Washington

Josh Allen

After every Bills game I will rate Josh Allen on the different aspects of the job. The grades aren't on a curve. This is not based on a 2nd year quarterback or how Tom Brady would do things. The grades are based on how a starting quarterback in the NFL is expected to perform. Here we go.

Accuracy B

Allen started and finished with excellent throws. His first pass of the game was a bullet in the middle of zone coverage to Isaiah McKenzie for a first down. But the most impressive throws Allen made were on the last drive of the 4th quarter. His play to John Brown was the type of play only a few quarterbacks in the league have an ability to make. It wasn’t Allen’s fault that Brown dropped the ball. But he came right back to Brown on the 3rd and 18 and made a great throw for a first that just about sealed the game.

Allen’s worst throw was the slant to John Brown in the redone in the second quarter. It was late and it was behind Brown and it could have if not should have been a touchdown. The deep ball failures have been so bad that it’s a sign of progress that there was actually a chance that both shots could have been caught. The deep ball on the 3rd down to Brown was technically interference on Josh Howard (stop on saying that Mcdermott should have challenged it. There was a 0.0% chance that the NFL overturns that call). The second one to Robert Foster was slightly off and Foster did not get to it. The fact that he has zero catches on the season, after the progress is showed a year ago is one of the strange ones for the 2019 year.

Decision Making B

Make no doubt about it the Bills made Josh Allen a game manager against Washington. The first down calls were very conservative. Of the 22 first down plays 15 were called runs. Allen threw 5 times (including a shovel to McKenzie that is considered a pass) He had two other called passes that ended up being a scramble and a sack.

The worst decision Allen made was not protecting the ball on the called run. Fred Jackson used to talk about not being the guy whose number is on the wall of the locker room on game week. that means they know you will put it on the ground (fumble) if they take a shot, Every defender in the league is going to try to strip Allen when he runs the ball because he has fumbled 9 times. He should buy dinner or more for Quentin Spain for saving him on that recovery.

Allen’s worst decision on a throw was a botched screen to Tyler Kroft that had no chance of getting positive yardage and could have been a turnover. He also appeared to think he had a free play because the Skins were offsides on the pass play the Brown. Allen needs to see the flag before he knows for sure.

Leadership A

Never an issue for Allen. He was given a game plan and he executed it. He stays positive and upbeat during the game. He might have been a game manager, but he managed it well and his team follows him.

Clutch Factor A

There was one clutch drive in the game and Allen was at his best. His throw to Brown on the 3rd down that was referenced earlier sealed the game. And he did get into the end zone on the 4th and 1 after the Bills had failed 3 times with Frank Gore. They needed that one.

Overall B

Allen played a Tyrod Taylor game and he played it well. They asked him to handle a conservative game play, avoid mistakes and make the plays when asked and he did it well. Outside of the fumble, which is becoming a real problem, he protected the ball. This was not a highlight day for the 2nd year QB, but he handled the game well. We all know they will need more from Allen against the better teams and that’s when we will see how far he has progressed.