Report: Fox that attacked Wayne County woman was rabid

UPDATE (7/3): Our news partners at The Times of Wayne County report the fox involved in this incident was determined to be rabid.

The man and woman involved have been undergoing treatments since the day of the incident.

According to the Wayne County Department of Health, animal control officers have spoken to neighbors about watching their pets and calling if there are any signs of attitude or behavioral changes.

Original article:

Savannah, N.Y. (WHAM) - A couple in eastern Wayne County are being treated for injuries suffered when a fox attacked them at their home.

The Times of Wayne County reported that Richard Rising, who is in his 80s, saw his wife being attacked by an animal in their driveway.

Richard then reportedly ran out into the driveway to help his wife, at which point the fox attacked him.

Richard was allegedly able to choke the fox to death with his hands, then called authorities.

New York State Department of Health officials arrived on scene and took the body of the fox. It will be tested and the results released later this week.