Rescue discovers 'unicorn' puppy with tail growing from his forehead

Narwhal puppy.jpg
Rescue discovers 'unicorn' puppy with tail growing from his forehead (Photo: "Mac the pitbull" Facebook page)

WASHINGTON (SBG) -- One tiny puppy discovered by a Missouri animal rescue is taking the internet by storm and it's all thanks to his magical horn -- well, tail.

The pup was affectionately named "Narwhal" in honor of the "unicorn of the sea." A narwhal is a toothed whale with a large "tusk" that looks like a unicorn horn. The furry, four-legged Narwhal was found with an injured foot along with an older dog on Nov. 8. Both were taken to Mac's Mission in Jackson, Missouri.

The rescue's slogan promises they "specialize in special" and Narwhal is no exception.

According to Mac's Mission's Facebook page, a veterinarian answered the million-dollar questions: does the forehead tail wag and is it connected to anything?

Short answer: no.

The rescue has documented the nearly 10-week-old puppy's journey since they found him, noting they haven't seen the tail on his forehead wag ... yet. The veterinarian said X-ray scans show the tail is not attached to anything major.

Narwhal has stolen the hearts of thousands of people, one follower commenting, "It appears they assembled the puppy wrong. Always follow the directions people!” Many people are already callings "dibs' in the comment section of each post.

As for the "unicorn" tail, Narwhal's veterinarian said there's no reason the tail needs to be removed but Mac’s Mission founder Rochelle Steffen said they will continue to monitor the "extra parts."

"The unicorn face tail does not bother Narwhal and he never slows down, just like any normal puppy. He seems completely healthy other than some usual puppy worms he got meds for," Mac's Mission said in a Facebook post.

Narwhal is currently not available for adoption, but the rescue has several unique animals who are ready to find their forever homes.