Video: Huge alligator gets back scratch

Alligator at Everglades Holiday Park gets a back scratch. (Courtesy: Everglades Holiday Park | Gabby Nikolle| Video shot by @francisferox)

Video of a giant alligator getting its back scratched by a brave worker with a brush is going viral.

The video is of the alligator named Seven, a resident of Everglades Holiday Park in Fort Lauderdale.

Gabby Nikolle is the one tasked with the brush down as Taylor Francis (@francisferox) had the camera rolling.

The video, posted 3 days ago, has nearly one million views and 19,000 shares.

According to the park, Seven is a rescue. Gabby is performing a routine cleaning of the gator pic which includes scrubbing the backs of alligators to keep them happy and health.

Seven, a 9-foot-7-inch alligator, weighs 280 pounds. He received his name because he's missing a toe on one of his back feet. Alligators have four toes on each back foot and since he's missing one, he's named Seven.

At feeding time, the park says Seven follows his handlers around until he gets his meal.