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Something to prove? That's the NFL. Every player. Every week.

Sean McDermott and Josh Allen (AP Photo: Mark Zaleski)

10 games into what has been a very exciting season for Bills fans, everyone is waiting to see what will happen down the stretch. The Bills are 7-3 and in a great position to earn a spot in the AFC playoffs. So with 6 games to go, including some matchups with NFL powers like Baltimore, Dallas and New England, I dared to ask this question.

You would have thought I asked which one they get rid of first. The response I got from some fans was both confusing and enlightening. I had several people tell me that it was a terrible poll and one tell me he was done with me .

To quote former Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson "why so serious? " Or maybe I should say "why so sensitive?" . Some Bills fans actually told me that neither one has anything to prove. The logic being that Sean McDermott has done a great job this season and Allen has improved a great deal this year. I would agree on both counts. But do you know who feels like they have a lot to prove down the stretch this year? Sean McDermott and Josh Allen. And do you know why they feel that way? It's because that is the way NFL players and coaches are built.

This is a fantastic opportunity for the Bills to see what they have in Josh Allen. He has become what I would consider a good, competent starting quarterback in the league. He has a chance to be more than that and he has a chance to show it this season. I can't wait to see how Allen performs in Dallas on Thanksgiving in front of the biggest TV audience that has ever seen him play. I really want to see how he matches up at home against a Ravens team playing with immense confidence. Don't you want to see him prove himself, on the road in Foxboro against the one defense that made him look bad this season?

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Sean McDermott has already done half of the impossible by making the Bills into a legitimate NFL destination with an established culture.

That is why he will be around here for a long time. The fact that he made the playoffs in that first season is still incredible based on that roster. But during that stretch run he made a tremendous error in judgement that could have cost him the locker room. When he benched Tyrod Taylor for Nate Peterman it exploded in his face. The fact that the team rebounded and he did not lose the room says a lot about McDermott and what he is building. But if you don't think he is out there every day trying to prove he can match up with Mike Tomlin and John Harbaugh and Bill Belichick than you don't think the way the Bills driven coach thinks.

Here is a list of people who have something to prove down the stretch in the NFL. Everyone not named Belichick or Brady. And even those two find some way to be motivated to prove something to someone even if they don't admit it. So don't think for a second that the Bills coach and quarterback don't have plenty to prove over the next two months., They know and you should also.